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Farmers Market

With a raging pandemic effecting various businesses across the globe, I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorite places to visit: Farmers Markets.

This modern, indoor Farmers Market is heavily inspired by my experiences as a kid exploring various farmers markets, or "flea markets." I loved trying new foods and creative flavors/products people would come up with, as well as eating huge BBQ turkey legs and chomping through a bag of fresh popped kettle corn.

I tried to capture those memories with this model, cramming as much detail as possible (without going over the part limit). The model includes:

  • Old Truck with produce boxes, axe, and toolbox
  • Hot Dog Cart
  • Vintage Popcorn Cart
  • Produce Stand
  • Bakery Stand
  • Flower Stand
  • Meats & Cheese Stand
  • Jams & Honey Stand
  • Sandwich Shop
  • Old Barn Style Architecture

And many more smaller details for you to discover!

Part count is approximately 2995.

I will be updating my project here and on Instagram @AnimatedCookie032, including barn/truck color options in the near future.

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