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The Fish and Chip Shop


Welcome to the Fish and Chip Shop!

Every LEGO City needs a takeaway! Welcome to the fully modular compatible Fish and Chip Shop, offering that classic English takeaway - Fish and Chips!

This 761 piece model contains a fully detailed interior and exterior, including:

A restaurant and takeaway area, including menus, sauces, salt and vinegar, pickle jars, paper for the fish and chips, newspapers to read while you wait and a flat screen tv to entertain the customers and staff.

In the staff area, the cooking space has hotplates with incorporated heating lamps with delicious fried fish and saveloys customers can buy, fryers under the counter, a touch screen till with card reader and some change to give the customers.

Behind the cooks is a large refrigerator with soft drinks and water for sale, alongside fish cakes ready to cook. There is also a microwave for the saveloys, some spare sauces and a box of spare uniforms, including a spare cap.

In the back is a fully equipped food preparation area, including utensils to prepare the fish, a food preparation sink with soap and cleaner, fish friendly chopping board and a fully appointed kitchen. Moving around, there are chiller units for the chips and the fishcakes, and a full size refrigerator for the fish. There is also a staff exit and entrance, and a mop and bucket to keep the shop spotless.

The staff need to be able to have a break, so there is a fully appointed staff bathroom with toilet, sink, soap, hand dryer, mirrors and even spare soap and loo roll!

Outside the takeaway are some boxes ready for recycling and the bin. The staff can climb the ladder to the roof to inspect the air conditioning unit or clean the incorporated skylight.

The Fish and Chip Shop includes eight minifigures: two uniformed staff, one chef in whites, one customer and his daughter buying fish and chips and a drink, one customer picking flowers and two customers relaxing with their lunch.

Thank you for looking :) please support if you like it!

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