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Ford F450 SuperDuty Right Hand Driven

Made in Lego Digital Designer and based off of Ford Motor Companys 2014 F450 SuperDuty series full sized trucks.

This right hand driven truck will do it all for the Lego Minifigure Family that wants it. From clearing bricks of snow, to pulling the family toy hauler to just being the get around town truck.

This model features dual rear wheels, full 5th wheel hitch assembly, four door supercrew cab, seating for three. And can be set up for either right or left hand driving. Comes in black, white, silver, red, light brown, or grass green, front and rear bumpers can be either black or chrome upon request.

This model was initally built as an experiment to see if it could be done from just looking at the pickup truck in question. I am not an employee of Ford Motor Company nor am I affiliated with them in any manner aside from driving their well designed and very comfortable cars and trucks.

Right hand front view {Minus 5th wheel hitch} Shows off some of the Chrome or Metalised Silver engine bloc.

Underside view shows the rear and front axels. The rear and front axels are built using a pair of technic frame bricks {4x4 for the front, 4x6 for the rear} and a pair of three stud long technic connectors for the rear axles to make the dual rear wheels. Standard ties are used for the front. a technic brick with single tie is used to anchor the 4x4 technic brick to the underside behind the front wheels.

Truck Bed view showing the optinal 5th Wheel Hitch assembly. An additional four smooth flat tiles are included to take the place of the 5th wheel hitch assembly { 2x 1x8, and 2x 2x2 of choice of colors included to remove the fifthwheel hitch.} Shows also optional main rear bumper in place of conventinal towing system.

Front view of the truck shows the overhead clearence lights, removeable for truck mounted bed camper. {completely optional}

In ending I wish to thank first and formost Lego Company for Lego Digitial Designer, and Ford Motor Company for making such a cool truck to dream about. Now ever Lego Minifigure family can have their dream truck sitting in their drive way!

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