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Based on the fictional future interstellar mission MINERVA from the documentary "living universe" whose history is inspired by concepts and designs developed by the elder and most prestigious scientists of actuality. This product is a spacecraft created in the year 2157 whose mission is to explore a star system 14.3 light years away that is home to a planet the size of Earth that could have life. Made up of 1.049 bricks, this marvel of technology is controlled by automated artificial intelligence capable of taking data and thinking for itself. His mission: to go where the human body and mind cannot go, to find life. Its name is "ARTEMIS: Automated Interplanetary Mothership for Interstellar Space Exploration"

History: It is the year 2157, XXII century. In the diamond age of interstellar exploration, nations put differences aside and joined forces to create the first spacecraft CAPABLE of reaching distant stars. The spaceship, named: ARTEMIS is controlled by artificial intelligence and designed to go where the human mind and body cannot. During the trip to the planet Mars, the spacecraft will be escorted by an ITSAS, to ensure that all systems are working properly. Once the planet Neptune passes, the ship will enter the unknown, where only three probes / spaceships have ventured. Approximately two hundred and seventy-two billion kilometers away, the fully automated spacecraft will encounter one of the oldest relics of the 21st century space race: the New Horizons probe. Later, some three hundred forty-two billion kilometers from Earth, the spacecraft found the furthest probe that humanity has sent to the far reaches of the cosmos: the Voyager 1 probe from the first space race. Once the ship has reached its destination, the Mission will investigate if there is life on a planet 14.7 light years from Earth and send the Results back to the planet.

The reason you built; It was my interest in aerospace engineering and spacecraft design, that's why I created this ship, to materialize or visualize my passion for this field.
And to conclude I think it would be a great Lego set because it perfectly reflects the greatest power of the human being: the power of intelligence, and at the same time expresses the desire of the human being to explore space either by traveling to the stars. on generational ships or taking smart space probes to the stars.

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