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The Creeper's Mine


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This set is modeled after a comic that I created. The comic is called The Ethan Series. The storyline follows a secret agent named Ethan, through his struggle to hunt down, and stop, two evildoers. Their names are Sarlack, (The black knight ghost) and Pain-Killer. (The oversized voodoo doll)

In this set, Sarlack and Pain-Killer find themselves in a creeper infested mine trying to steal a secret weapon.(The mini voodoo doll shown in one of the pictures above)  With it Pain-Killer's magic would become unstoppable, which is why Ethan and his backup have arrived. Will they finally apprehend the two ghostly figures, or will they fail and become subjected to the rule of two medieval maniacs! The choice is yours.

Set Includes:

1. Detailed entrance wall.

2. Rock wall with mine cart track.

3. Rock with hidden treasure.

4. Ghost horse and get-a-way rocket-sleigh.

5. 10 detailed figures: Ethan, Agent 2, Sarlack, Pain-Killer, an Evil Knight, 2 Stone Creepers, 2 Stone Creeplets, and The Stone-King.

6. 2 mine carts.

7. 7 pieces of gold.

8. 2 green diamonds.

9. mini voodoo doll.

10. 2 ice picks.

11. 1 greenish-blue fish.

12. Sarlack's sword and Pain-Killer's Staff of Pain.

13. Stone-King's club.

14. 2 detailed tables and matching stools.

It has always been my dream to be the creator of a real LEGO product, and this is my chance. PLEASE support this project, and tell your friends to do the same. Best wishes to all,

Jedi Pippin. 




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