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Lighthouses are some of the most well-known buildings in the world.  They are found in all shapes, sizes and colors in almost any country.  In this project, I hope the capture the peaceful life of a lighthouse keeper and his/her small island.

The lighthouse is three stories tall and features a rotating light on the top.  A spiral staircase winds through the interior and flowers are planted on the highest window.  To capture both the round shape and planked walls, I turned 1x1 bricks with knobs at an angle and layered sand-blue plates on top.  I believe I did a successful job of capturing this aspect, though some feedback would be appreciated.

The lighthouse keeper’s house is another main part of the set.  It has a removable roof and rear wall.  Several windows are included to add light to the interior.  The roof is built with hinge bricks and is adorned with decorations and a chimney. 

Inside the house there is a table with a croissant and potted plant, a chair for the minifigure, and an oven with counter.  There is also a door leading into the lighthouse.

The rocky island is covered in cobblestones.  Outside the house there are several flowers and a wheelbarrow for planting.  A gravel path leads down to the dock.

The wooden dock has a rod to tie a boat up to and a chair.  Beside the chair is a tackle box with a fishing pole connected by a 1x1 plate with clip.  The lighthouse keeper can remove the pole to relax and do some fishing.

Finally, the base is a simple, brick-built water pattern for sturdy display and play.

Although it seems difficult, receiving ten thousand supporters is easily achievable with help from dedicated Ideas members.  After supporting, you can also follow the project and share on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  Thank you for your time and I hope you appreciate my model.

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