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Venetian Gondola

Venetian Gondola
My last visit to Venice inspired me to create one of the most recognizable boats in the world.
I always felt good at reconstructing real objects based on original photos and drawings, paying big attention not to miss any important detail. I did my best to make the model resemble the original as much as possible.
There are several facts about Venice Gondolas, which I had to take into consideration during model designing:
  • Almost all existing Gondolas have exactly the same construction and differ from each other only with interior colors, ornaments and detail design.
  • Gondola’s hull is mostly flat at the bottom. It’s also asymmetric to allow the gondolier to stand always at the left-rear side of the boat.
  • Ferro - the strange “comb” at the front is a counterweight for the gondolier. Its design and shape represents seven islands of Venice, the Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal.
  • Each Gondola has one magnificent seat for two people, one chair with only one armrest and two stools for additional passengers.
  • The gondolier moves and steers the boat using one, long oar leaning on a wooden oar post called Forcola, to allow rowing in various directions.
This project was a great challenge for me, because I couldn’t use popular LEGO bricks dedicated for boats construction, I had to remember to keep the Gondola proportions and equip the model with the most recognizable furniture and details in a proper scale. There is also a gondolier in his most popular outfit, with flexible hands to let him hold the oar as he should.
Model is 60.5 cm long and has 1007 pieces.

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