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Venetian Gondola


Finally, the Gondola is built! You can check the final look below on the video :)

You can show on last two pics an updated look at the inferior details. What has been changed? Handrails, chairs legs, the back of the main seat and some colors of golden details and few other things, hope you like the final look!

Venetian Gondola
My last visit to Venice inspired me to create one of the most recognizable boats in the world.
I always felt good at reconstructing real objects based on original photos and drawings, paying big attention not to miss any important detail. I did my best to make the model resemble the original as much as possible.
There are several facts about Venice Gondolas, which I had to take into consideration during model designing:
  • Almost all existing Gondolas have exactly the same construction and differ from each other only with interior colors, ornaments and detail design.
  • Gondola’s hull is mostly flat at the bottom. It’s also asymmetric to allow the gondolier to stand always at the left-rear side of the boat.
  • Ferro - the strange “comb” at the front is a counterweight for the gondolier. Its design and shape represents seven islands of Venice, the Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal.
  • Each Gondola has one magnificent seat for two people, one chair with only one armrest and two stools for additional passengers.
  • The gondolier moves and steers the boat using one, long oar leaning on a wooden oar post called Forcola, to allow rowing in various directions.
This project was a great challenge for me, because I couldn’t use popular LEGO bricks dedicated for boats construction, I had to remember to keep the Gondola proportions and equip the model with the most recognizable furniture and details in a proper scale. There is also a gondolier in his most popular outfit, with flexible hands to let him hold the oar as he should.
Model is 60.5 cm long and has 1007 pieces.

I hope you like my project, and you will support me 😊

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