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Lego Power Rangers- Mighty Morphin- Dino Megazord

We need Lego Dinozord power, NOW! 

The complete ‘Power Rangers- Mighty Morphin- Dino Megazord’ sits at a whopping 2,842 Lego pieces, with the completed Megazord alone, standing at 2,242 pieces! 

The set comes with all 5 original Zords; Tyrannosaurus, Mastodon, Sabertooth Tiger, Pterodactyl & Triceratops, who will combine to make the epic, Dino Megazord! 

Also included, will be the Dino Megazord’s Sword for it to do battle with! 

The colour scheme and design have been made to resemble the 1993 American Television show and its original Japanese counterpart, ‘Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger’, as closely as possible, for extra-special screen accuracy! 

The Zords have their screen functions present; The Tyrannosaurus with its mouth cannons, The Triceratops with its Tail gun and treads and a flight stand, to display the Pterodactyl, along with its cannons for aerial combat- as well as much, much more!  

There are also 5 Microfigures included of each  original Mighty Morphin team member; Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and Pink, to reenact your favourite episodes or to display alongside their respective Zords! 

Please support this project and always… 

May the power protect you! 

About the Designer- 

Hi there! My name is Rehan, I am 31 years old from the UK and I have been an avid Lego fan as far as I can remember! It has gotten me through some tough times in my life and with this project, which is my first ever Lego custom design, I wanted to pay homage to my favourite TV show as a child- Power Rangers! 

This project took me roughly 11 months to complete (September 2021- August 2022) using the Lego Designer application on the MacBook and I worked on it in my spare hours, with whatever free time I could find!

For reference, I used screen grabs from the Television show to get it to look as close to the original design. I also used my current Hasbro Dino Megazord toy, which gave me a good physical reference for the functionalities of the toy. 

In terms of IPs, I believe that Power Rangers is the one that I have wanted to see Lego make an official set of the most and I truly believe that a lot of fans such as myself have been waiting eagerly for a set of the original Megazord! 

I also believe that should this set be successful, Lego will have 20 years of potential material to source from, with there being dozens of Megazords being featured over the years (Roughly 8-9 make an appearance in the original Mighty Morphin series alone!) and there will be many potential generations of fans to appeal to! I believe Power Rangers may become one of Lego’s most popular and enduring themes of the future!  

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