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Piper Clipped Wing Cub

The Piper Clipped Wing Cub was a popular aerobatic plane often seen at 1950s airshows.

I find it a captivating vintage aircraft, as it was essentially a "sport version" of the famous J-3 Cub. Its short-span Reed clipped wing gave it improved roll and handling characteristics, which allowed it to perform graceful aerobatic maneuvers.  

With the lack of aircraft in Lego's Creator Expert / 18+ line in recent times, I feel this eye-catching, large-scale plane would make a great addition to any Lego vehicle fan's collection and would look splendid sitting on the shelf next to Lego's Sopwith Camel.

  • Spinning propeller
  • Removable engine cowling with Continental engine hidden underneath
  • Opening cockpit doors and detailed cockpit
  • Moveable control surfaces, including rudder with linked steering to the tailwheel, elevator and ailerons
  • Optional wheel fenders allow you to customize the appearance of your model
  • Colorful scheme based on the iconic starburst pattern popularized by 1950s aerobatic pilot Hazel Sig
  • Impressive size of 66 cm (wingspan) by 61 cm (length) 
  • 1500+ parts

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