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Altar of the Depths

Altar of the Depths

Somewhere among boundless ocean, there is an ancient altar, built by marine folks. By centuries the horrific Kraken, foe of every ocean's creatures and terror of sailors, was defeated and captured by fearless mermaids and mermen warriors. Throw into deepest abyss and imprisoned by spirits of fallen warriors in the Altar of the Depths, the Kraken last in his endless slumber and is waiting for opportunity to break his chains and take revenge for whole mermaids kind. Today the Kraken is only a legend, which elder mermaids scare their unruly children but someone remember true story. A treacherous Sea Witch, once a loyal enchantress on King's Triton court, exiled for her study over forbidden magic. She break the power of ancient warriors and their magical seal and by occult ritual she trying to summon mighty Kraken from below and use him to her own revenge. But two young Sentinels, descendants of legendary Kraken hunters, arrive in time, alarmed by peculiar storm. Their are last barrier between release the Kraken and only them may hold back lunatic Sea Witch. Will they succeed and save their kind? Or dire wrath of Kraken and dark power of Sea Witch plunge Mermaid's Realm in era of terror? Fate of whole ocean is now in yours hand. 

Original concept of this project was born during gameplay one of my favourite game -  Disciples II and is reference to their Water Inhabitants race and model of water ruins. I create this project because in all LEGO series is lack of fantasy mermaids theme. Also I'm big fan of LEGO Pirates series and I think this set may be great addition to expanse this universe.

This set consist of ~1300 pieces and contains:
  • three unique minifigures: Sea Witch, Mermaid Sentinel and Merman Sentinel,
  • two crabs,
  • partly surface Kraken with five different size tentacles (The Kraken's tentacles are flexible so you can position it like you want)
  • Altar of the Depths structure with five ancient warriors statues,
  • ocean baseplate 

If your wish to keep Mermaids Realm in era of peace and prosperity, submit this project. Otherwise whole ocean will be plunge into terror and rule of the Kraken.