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Lego City - Investigation Team, Laboratory and Van


Welcome to my next reupload:
Lego City - Investigation Team, Laboratory and Van

With this new Team you can investigate things that happend in your city.
The Team comes also with some computers to analyse tracks in its small laboratory.
Also a brand new Police Van.


It would be a small Set and would complete all Police Sets.
Even to complete the Police Station ,Swamp Police or the FireStation.

The Set includes:
One new Team (maybe Blue and White)
Special Tools and Cameras
And a Van.

That would be a great small Set.

You can now investigate your city.

Please Vote and help to make it possible.

I think Lego needs more science Sets and more Lego Women.
Even if this is just a police set.
So its up to you to support this project.

Hope you like it.

Thank you for all your support.

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