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Home Sweet Home

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My next project is a house.  This 2-level house has multiple windows, a family room with a fire place, laundry room, library, kitchen, dinner room, 3 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, 6 closets, a master bedroom, attic, and a garage.  The one thing missing is the basement.  I left it out, so that the house can be built on plates.  However, in order to create a house with a basement, it will have to be build on green pieces to portray as a grass, a hill, a cliff, or other.  Let's begin the tour.

In the first level, you'll see a stairway that leads to the second level.  To your right, you'll see a family room with a fireplace, a big flat screen TV with electronics to operate, couches with a recliner that can rotate to either the TV or fireplace, tables to set drinks (please, no food allowed), laundry room with a basket, library to read books, a doorway to the garage, and a closet to hang clothes.  To your left, you'll see the dining room.  As you enter the family room, to your left is the kitchen with supplies for cooking.  It also has the back door to go behind the house.  Also, there's the bathroom right next to the refrigerator (kind of ridiculous, I know).  Most refrigerators were supposed to be placed right next to the kitchen counter by the wall, but it's all I can do...for once.  Next time, I'll make sure that it's in the proper place.  Anyways, across the bathroom is the computer with the desk for work or other.  And that's all in the first level, except the garage.

In the garage, it has 2 parking spots (mother and father of the house perhaps), and shelves to store tools for car repairs or other.  There's no attic in the garage, it is only a roof.  Now that you've seen the first level, next will be the second level.  So watch your step please?  Thank you.

In the second level, you'll see a closet in front of you, a bathroom to your left, and beside it are doors to 3 bedrooms.  Behind you to your right is the master bedroom that has its own bathroom.  In front of you is the closet for towels, for the bathroom right next to it.  Speaking of the bathroom, it has a shower and bath.  To your left right next to the bathroom is the big bedroom for older children, while little children sleep in their normal bedrooms.  Beside the big bedroom, as you look further left, are 2 normal bedrooms.  Each bedroom has a bed, a closet, a small flat screen TV, a computer, and a dresser.  Now we're walking around the stair rail, and we're entering the master bedroom.  Inside the master bed room, you'll see a big bed for the 2 (mother and father), to your right is the big flat screen TV on top of the shelves, a closet, and a dresser.  To your left is the door to the bathroom with a separate bath and shower.  Now that the second level has been toured, there is no need to show you the attic.  It's quite dark in there, must mostly empty.

I hoped that you all enjoyed the tour around the house.  If you're interested in purchasing this house, it will cost about $250,000, plus $100,000 for electrical equipment.  If not, that's okay.  Have a nice day.

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