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Bluey And Bingo BrickHeadz


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G'day! Bluey is an Australian TV series which focuses on Bluey and her sister Bingo, who get up to the craziest things together, or with their parents and friends. It's very Australian and as an Aussie and a dad, it's very easy for me to to relate to. If you haven't seen it, it's not just for kids, it's really suitable for all ages, even my dad at 78 has a good laugh when he's watching it with our kids.

So on to the creation... It's BrickHeadz again from me! There were a few challenging details that just needed to be there to make it a true Bluey.

  • Getting the colours as close as possible.
  • The eyebrows, they are so expressive in the cartoon. I wanted this to be something you could adjust. I've done 2 variations; one using a 1x1 + decal which provides the ability to rotate. The other is using a custom rod, providing loads of possibilities. (This gives 2 options, should it get enough votes).
  • They're dogs - so they need wagging tails!

Love to hear your feedback!

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