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Jaws The Ultimate Collection

"We're gonna need a bigger boat!'"
This line from the hit film jaws is one of the most iconic lines in film history and from one of my favourite films - Jaws. Jaws is a very well known film across the globe, and I am so glad that I am able to portray the film with LEGO bricks. This LEGO model includes an accurate representation of the Orca, and of course includes the menacing shark (Bruce). The Orca is a weathered, run down fishing trawler which has obviously seen its better days from what we view in the film directed by Steven Spielberg. I attempted to signify this by opting to use darker reds and beige instead of LEGO usual bright colours. With the Shark, I used a previous entry of mine and slightly modified it to fit the context of this set. I'm really happy with how this model turned out, and I believe that this shows the progress of my abilities. I hope that people will love this LEGO model as much as I do.


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