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Cabin In The Woods

This cozy little cabin is a home for Jack (the man who built it). It is a one-room cabin with an attic. In the attic, there is a bed and some of Jack's clothes. There is a ladder leading down from the attic into the kitchen. In the kitchen, there is a fire place with a salmon cooking above it on the grill. There is a little shelf where Jack keeps his cup and his chicken eggs. Right next to the shelf, there is a frying pan hanging on the wall. On the floor near the shelf there is some stacked fire wood. There is a barrel full of crystal clear water for drinking near the fire place.

Outside the cabin, there is a little garden with corn, spinach and carrots. Right next to the garden, there is a chicken house with a fence around it to keep the chicken from getting into his garden. The chicken has been very faithful to lay her owner two eggs a day. There is a nice pine tree that provides shade for the chicken and her owner as he chops wood for his fire. You might think that Jack leads a very lonely and boring life. But that is not true, because he has his chicken to keep him company, and there is always plenty of work to do around the cabin.

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