Product Idea |


What if the game characters have feels and scares? What if they only wait on the on the day than they take the power to crawl through the TV screen into the real world and take revenge for their hardships and sufferings. What if that day has come?

“Gamer” or “Gamer tribute” is dedicated to all gamers and pop-culture lovers. That set have 2 modular parts - gamer room and game battlefield. It has a lot a gaming and pop-culture references (different merchandise, platforming game interface, etc). Trough the TV screen is possibly to replace heroes of this story to the other dimension. 

I build that set because from a childhood I'm a big video game and pop-culture lover. In this set I wanted to show influence of gaming on society, our education and other different skills. That set may visualise immersiveness of video games too. I was influenced by series of Lego mini figures and book “False Mirrors” by S. Lukyanenko)) 

I think it’ll be a great Lego set because gaming and pop-culture are big parts of everyday life of people. Because that set have a story and philosophy, dynamics and non-conventional “ordered chaos” technique.  

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