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Poinsettia plant on an octagonal vase.

Add some seasonal decoration to your home in brick style. No need to water, long-lasting, always fresh and new. Made entirely of highly available bricks.

The vase is octagonal shape with an internal sturdy frame. (When this submission reaches 1000 I will post more details about the internal structure). The plant is made of 48 leaves (24 red and 24 green). 

The vase's dimensions are 27cm x 27cm x 14cm (10.5" x 10.5" x 5.5"). The plant overall footprint is 41cm x 41cm (16" x 16"). The total height is 25cm (10"). There are 1242 pieces and it weights 1.7Kg (3.75lb)

Comments, feedback and question are welcome.

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