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Sea Survival


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Hello fellow Ideas supporters and creators. Sorry I’ve been very inactive. My family has been very busy. Anyways now to the project.

    After your mission in space, you’ve been hired to take a deeper look at things. That is to actually dive deep into the sea and search for lost treasure. Ugh, were are the days of old exploring. I think I’m going to go of grid again to check out my old shelters.

    This is, in a way, the last of my survival projects. Its taken me a while to make an I’m ok with the way it turned out. The base is made of laser and shield technology, sorry I wasn’t able to take snap shots of the inside. I lost the project with only one picture taken. Anyways it basically just includes a walkway, computer room, and super cool laser walls. The rest of the set is made up of seaweed, sand cliff with hidden treasure, small water scooter, and of course our traditional survival figure.

    Thanks for your support. Please share this project, and please please please check for updates.



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