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Starbricks Coffee Shop


Hi, welcome to Starbucks, how may I take your order today?

Starbucks. We all love it. Well, I hope. Anyway, what if Starbucks became Lego? Well now it did, introducing Starbricks, the best coffee shop on the block. Hop in your car and drive over to this amazing place. You can go through the drive thru, get it picked up, or eat inside. Don't do anything bad in there though, the cop is watching. You can even get employed there! (I think there are some spare aprons in the storage room)

I got this idea from my mom because she loves Starbucks coffee. I couldn't think of anything to build and then she went to her coffee and bam, idea. 

This build includes,

-Starbricks coffee shop with removable roof

-Four parking spots

-Three cars with removable roofs: Pickup truck, Van, and police car

-A dumpster area

-Stairs up to a small storage area with removable roof

-9 minifigures: Cop, Barista #1,2,3, Mom, Kid, Starbucks customer #1 and 2, and A Construction worker

-A coffee machine

-An Espresso machine

-A fridge

-Dispensers for Napkins(N), Forks(F), Straws(S), and Sweetener(Sx2)

-A display case

-And pumps for Caramel, Classic, and chocolate

and has a total of 633 pieces.

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