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The Crate Planter

Water not needed!

Lego has encouraged the world to think out of the box. In this case I've thought out of the crate with a timeless crate style planter design that you can enjoy all year round. The cascading alpines give the piece drama, especially when placed on the edge of a shelf, window ledge or your desk! Daisies, mini Fir trees, and a purple chrysanthemum complement each other in this versatile set.

About me

As a professional garden designer, i've made this based on one of my real life designs. Wooden crates are a beautiful way to group together plants to make a display. As an homage to Lego's origins I thought it was only fitting to make it look wooden!

Why this would sit right at home with the other Lego sets

With plants and nature becoming a big part of the Lego culture and with sets such as the Botanical and bouquets, I believe this set will not only compliment it, but could utilise the new plant based materials.

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