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The Count's Arrest


The description

This unique set is built on a 50x50 basis. Being quite detailed, it has about 2000 pieces

On a part of this plate, one finds very detailed rocks on which is the house. A passage that can be moved easily gives access to the lower secret cave.

In this underground, there is a priceless treasure chest, a thief outfit and many useful tools to burglar. There are also beautiful columns in light brown and a banister accessible from the kitchen.

The interior of the house has on the ground floor with a kitchen which has a fridge, an oven, cooking plates, a sink and a small storage space next to the fridge There is also a secret dale almost invisible allows to reach the basement in all discretion. Next door there is a flower pot, a wardrobe and a dining table. The staircase leads to the first floor.

On the first floor, there is a bathroom accessible by a door. There is a shower, a schampoo and a sink. Further down the floor is a comfortable bed for 2 people and windows that can be opened.

Outside, the lake dominates all. It borders on beautiful trees, grass in abundance and beautiful rocks giving the whole a very beautiful aspect of nature.

The small bridge allows to cross the river safely.But pay attention to the fallen tree on the way. If you want to access the house, a stone staircase will take you there.

The set includes 7 characters and 3 animals: 2 armed police, 1 policeman with a detector, 1 police officer, 1 policewoman, count and countess handcuffed, 1 dog and 2 owls. Complete with a police motorcycle and a police helicopter.

There are 4 ties shared on 2 sides of the set.

How to play ?

I think this Lego set brings a fresh breath to nature. This set tells in itself a series of small films that can delight young and old. One can be the false count, be the detective who finds the secret passages, there can be a scene of action where one can live peacefully in this beautiful house. The scenarios are incredible and the details extraordinary. You can have fun like you never did and imagine your own story! One can even imagine a series of the same kind thanks to the ties to form a vast forest full of action.


It is important to express one's ideas. They reflect what you really are. And the best part is that it's within the reach of everyone. Take a brick, make a special set and new, and you have the same luck as everyone else for it to be taken. That's what I did. So if you like, do not hesitate 1 second to click!

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