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Heroica: Legends


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Explore the long-lost kingdom of Ennon in this classic game: the reimagined Heroica: Legends! Venture through previously unknown lands with this complete game! Make your way through the various landscapes to save the king and his kingdom:

The game can be split apart into sections: make it smaller, make it bigger or completely rearrange the board to your liking!

The kingdom of Ennon includes:
  • Barresh Settlements
  • Castle Fortaan
  • Caverns of Nathuz
  • Dandora Port (bank/store)
  • Draida Bay (starting point)
  • Ganrash
  • Gates of Eslruck
  • Ilrion
  • Seldaan Village
  • Waldurk Forest

Invite your family or friends to play and choose between 8 Heroes!
Melee: Barbarian, Prince, Thief
Ranged: Druid, Knight, Ranger, Sage, Wizard

You can play Classic Heroica, where up to eight players battle their way through the kingdom, or you can play Battle Heroica, where some players can take control of the monsters and some play the heroes!
If you want to mix things up even more, create your own rules!

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