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Hanging Birdhouse


     After uploading my first birdhouse design and recieving positive results, I decided to redesign the project and implement the suggestions I received from my supporters. There were many comments saying that the project would be much better if there was a bird to go with the house. This seemed like an obvious addition that I had not before considered because LEGO had already produced the official birds set. However, it would be interesting to see more species of birds in LEGO form. The two other suggestions I received repeatedly were to allow the house to be hung rather than just mounted on the small display pole, and to give the inside some more room for a larger nest. I attempted to implement both of these additions into the new design.

     The set includes a birdhouse (scaled to real life), a cardinal, and a nest with three eggs and a hatchling. I chose the cardinal to go along with the set because it is native to Rhode Island, where I live. I also thought that the red feathers of the bird would contrast the yellow house. The "door" of the birdhouse is 4 studs in diameter and is made with a 1x6 arch and two 1x3 "inside bows". A technic axel extends through the perch and into the house, giving it enough support to hold the cardinal. The two black technic pieces protruding from the roof are meant for a string or some fishing wire to hang the birdhouse. The technic pieces are firmly attached to the inside walls of the house. The hinges at the peak of the roof make it possible for it to be removed without needing to remove the technic pieces as well. As it stands, the set is currently assembles with 654 pieces.

     The build for the cardinal is relatively crude and I apoligize for that. I am much better at creating man-made objects rather than organic shapes. The roof, as well as the majority of the house, is made with the same technique as my original birdhouse only with a different color pallet.

     I hope you all like the additions and changes I have made to my design and I hope to see as much positive support as I got with the last project. Thank you all so much.

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