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Street Sweeper

The city will be cleaner with the arrival of the street sweeper signed by MrTekneex!
The idea of ​​this model was born about a year ago but I started to build it physically in April.
The presence of a lot of functions and the scale makes the most intricate project that I've ever designed.


General Specifications:

Dimensions: 39 x 15 x 20 cm
Weight: 2200 Gr
Number of pieces: approximately 2000
Time of design: a month and a half


- openable doors
- tiltin cabin
- Hand Of God Steering
- working steering wheel
- fake straight 4 cylinder engine
- indipendent front suspensions
- rear leaf spring

Gearbox for 6 motorized functions

- left side sweeping brush
- right side sweeping brush
- rotating brushes
- sweeping gear
- openable tailgate
- tilting hopper

Other features:

- interior details
- front washing nozzles
- nozzles on side brushes
- rear wander hole
- fake aspirator system
- side attack for high pressure nozzles

Please support it, it could be the first official LEGO Technic street sweeper!



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