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Culture Hall


Every city must have a place where culture is promoted from an early age.

Here then is the reason for this building, which contains a toy library, a library and a video library with projection / meeting room.

On the ground floor, the toy library is furnished with small tables and a bookcase, and divided from the entrance area by a beautiful coloured wall. There is also a large equipped bathroom.

On the first floor the library has tables, bookcases, a bench and two computer stations for online consultation.

On the second floor the video library, with movie shelves, the whiteboard and the projector for watching movies or other images during conferences.

Each floor can be reached by stairs or by elevator.


On the roof, accessible from the external staircase, there are the plant engines and access to the elevator shaft, in addition to the beautiful vaulted glass that covers the stairs.


The set includes the minifigures:

  • The librarian
  • The video technician
  • 3 women, one in a wheelchair
  • 2 men
  • A little girl


Each floor is detachable to play on each level.


I hope you enjoy building it and playing with it. Cheers!

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