Product Idea

Skatepark Shop And Park

This is an idea for a Skateboard shop and park. This idea could possibly be classified as a Creator or City themed set. the shop has hats, skateboards, chairs to sit the minifigs in. I also have another skateboard shop and park idea here-​. This one you can skate on the roof and this has more curves and more earth blue, black, and red included. This set has the following things...

Storage room,
​Half pipe,
​Skating bowl,
​Stairs to roof,
Stairs to bowl,
Coffee or hot chocolate machine,
Two clocks,
And roller skates.

This might be a good set for guys, and boys. Lego gives pretty good rewards and if this makes it, it would great. I might add updates and feel free to leave ideas for updates and leave suggestions please, and thank you very much.