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Winter Ski Lodge


The Winter Ski Lodge is built to accompany other Winter Village sets. This set includes eight minifigures. With its lights and wreaths strung all over, this set adds to the holiday theme. The ski rack uniquely uses Star Wars' Super Battle Droid arms for supports. This set also includes a chimney and fire place. Warm up with a nice steaming cup of hot cocoa from the stand in the lodge. Then, after a long day of skiing, rest your sore muscles up in the loft. To give this lodge a comfy feel, we've added an elegant carpet. To keep the fire going, a wood stack is piled high in the snow drifts. Icicles give this lodge character hanging from the windows. The open back allows easy access to all the detailed features in this set. We hope you agree this Ski Lodge will be a great addition to the Lego Winter Village collection. 

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