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Kinkaku-ji Golden Pavilion of Kyoto

I would like to introduce you my MOC, inspired by the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto prefecture.
During a trip to Japan, I visited Kyoto and I found this majestic tempel in front of me, I immediately fell in love with it and when I came back home, I decided to make it. I hope you will like it.
On the first floor, inside the building, you can admire a small altar with a Katana and a Japanese helmet.
I decided not to use gold pieces, in order to be able to look as much as possible to a lego and so it can fit in any collection.
An expansion is planned to make the lake on which it is situated with stones and trees.

Other info

The project includes 2036 pieces
The model is on 32x32 base
Using the Lego digital designer program

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