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(RC) Red Pickup Truck


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  This is my version of a red pickup truck. It was not specifically modeled after a certain brand. It surprisingly took most of my red pieces to build the body, that is a major reason the body isn't larger. I also don't think it would be able to carry anything in the truck bed with a larger body, it would most likely succumb to the weight. This build sadly took up a large percentage of my technic components so it may be a while before my next submission.

  I built this model because my Dad has a red pickup truck and because I wanted to build a large model. This is the biggest vehicle I have ever built and it was one of the most challenging and fun models I've ever built. I am not entirely sure of the exact weight, however I do know it is somewhere around 5 pounds. This is my first vehicle entry on Lego Ideas that has a detailed interior, including gas and break pedals, steering wheel, seats and a storage compartment. I am grateful for any support or feedback you provide to any of my projects.


•Rear wheel drive

•Return to center steering

•Openable doors

•Storage compartment

•Head lights

Power functions

•2× XL motor

•Servo motor

•Led lights

•Infrared receiver

•Infrared remote

•Battery box



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