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Giuseppe Meazza Stadium (Sansiro)

This is a stadium used by Italy's prestigious Serie A, Inter Milan and AC Milan, as home stadiums. The stadium and the two teams have a very long history, and unlike the regular stadiums, the two teams use one stadium, so the competition between the two teams is very popular.

I like Lego and soccer. Creating a small soccer field is my only creative activity.

I made 12 soccer stadiums in Korea and wanted to create a world soccer field at the same time for people who like soccer and lego from different countries.

United's Old Trafford was officially launched, but there are numerous stadiums in the world. For many LEGO and football lovers, several teams of soccer teams can play LEGO and soccer together.

I have created 12 Korean soccer stadiums and are currently combining 24 European stadiums currently in production to create 24 stadiums. European stadiums are England, Spain, Germany and Italy.

I think this could be a good piece in a series like the Architecture Skyline series.

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