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Viking Dwelling


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Welcome to the Viking Dwelling. This was actually inspired by a building, namely "dwelling 5" in an old video game called Cultures 2 based on vikings. After some reading and researching, I was even more charmed by the beauty of their historic buildings and intrigued by their lifestyle in that era. Well, although vikings are known only as raiders and warriors, majority of them are actually not always fighting and are mainly busy making food and maintaining the house.

The building is made with consideration about smoke draft (hence the smoke holes and iron rule that all windows can be completely shut), their cozy living conditions with farm animals and their home made cloth making culture. The tub is specially under the tree to produce special beverage.

The guardian tree (tuntre) was very much part of every homestead in the olden times. The rowan tree that can be changed into other types of trees by rearranging the branches with exactly the same parts.

There are the warrior siblings, the uncle and his wife in charge of the farm and house, their son, the farmhand and the formidable master weaver grandmother. 

Anyway, on another note - when you are bored and the set is collecting dust on display, you can rearrange the roof to make messages for yourself or the intended viewer. 

Thanks for reading.

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