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High Way Patrol Brick Building


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High Way Patrol Brick Building has 832 total brick and pieces. The brick building starts with light gray bricks for a cement base, a light blue door that open and closes,  light blue bricks on top of the light gray brick cement, a security camera on top of the door,  a blue clear light in the middle of the brick building left of the blue door,  a ticket cupboard is inside, a wooden brown desk with brown desktop,  a maghony desk, on the maghony desk you have a black desktop, 4 blue chairs, 4 red chairs, security camera on the desk,  blue receipt printer, black clamp and customer total computer, a blue cupboard with two draws that open and cloase,  a black clamp, a police computer, credit card reader, white keyboard,  handcuffs, blue walkie talkies, on the brown desk you have a red cupboard with two red draws, security camera, a brown clap, customer  total computer, a brown clamp , a police computer, a red telephone, handcuffs, and a black walkie talkie

On the outside of the H W P Brick Building you have a police chief, and a police detective

I built this because i like the design it makes on the Brick Building,  Lego Ideas does not have any Brick buildings that are police up for voting, if you like my design please let your friends and family members know how much you llike it and Thanks! Please feel free to share my ideas! Have a Happy new year!

Your Lego Fan and Builder Treetop2017

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