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Headphone Stand

WARNING: the colors in the photos in the description are from an older version
📝 Description: 
This headphone stand has been carefully designed with a focus on both design and practicality.
  • It provides exceptional stability with six double legs and a robust construction.
  • Two additional legs attached to the bottom of the stand ensure durability even under significant weight.
  • It is finished with rubber tires that not only add style but also protect the headband of the headphones from damage while effectively keeping them in place.
  • Adapted for everyone:
  • The parts holding the ear cups are flat and spacious, accommodating ear cups of various sizes.
  • Additionally, they allow for the adjustment of pad height by moving a block up or down. 
  • Thanks to the rotating handles, the pads easily adapt to the shape of the headphones, eliminating excessive tension on the headband. You can see this in the photo (the photo model differs in a few stylistic aspects from the rendered model because the actual model was the first design and I made some changes to it).
  • It's worth emphasizing the aesthetic appearance of the stand, which blends perfectly with any style, adding elegance to the room.

💡 About Idea:
In the summer, after moving, I assembled a new computer for myself. I wanted to send my friends a photo of my setup. In the picture, I also wanted my headphones to be visible, but then I remembered that I didn't have a headphone stand. That's when I recalled having a whole box of disassembled Lego sets in boxes that I hadn't put together since the move. I decided to build a headphone stand, and that's exactly what I did. When I sent the photo to my friends, they were most impressed by the headphone stand. It's been serving me well ever since. It made me decide to share it here, hoping you'll like it too :)

🔍 Facts:
  • I used 249 blocks to complete the project.
  • I created the model in Bricklink Studio 2.0.

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