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The Castle of Brickmoss Forest

  • Welcome to Brickmoss Forest . . . where goblins creep and wolfmen prowl. Where dragons wait in dank lairs and knights ride forth on gallant quests to vanquish terrible foes and rescue distressed damsels. Where danger lurks, and where an ancient watchtower stands at the edge of a great kingdom.

  • The Castle of Brickmoss Forest sits in a clearing of the woods on the bank of a rippling creek. A narrow staircase leads to a bridge across the brook. Iron-wrought gates serve to keep out raiding Wolfpack warriors and sneaking goblins. Inside is a kitchen with a secret passageway behind the stove, a fully-stocked armory, and a bunk room for the knights on duty.

  • Below in the lower level is portcullis over the river-gate, a small quay, a side door, a dungeon, and a small table for mapping explorations into the wilderness.

  • Around back the blacksmith works at his forge under a lean-to. The baron's warhorse and a carthorse are kept in a small stable. Hamlet the pig lives comfortably in his pigsty back of the stable, and the woodsman can practice his archery with the target nailed to a tree.

  • An upper tower reaches above the parapet, housing the baron's quarters and another bunk room.

  • I believe that this product idea would be a great addition to anyone's collection, whether they are a LEGO Castle fan or not.

  • This model includes around 3,000 pieces, 11 minifigures, 2 horses, 1 pig, and a rabbit.

  • 10,000 clicks of that yellow button could get this set displayed on your shelf.

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