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Alpine Express Train Wagon

The idea
A long time ago I was searching for a wagon for my Crocodile Locomotive but I didn't find something appropriate so I decided to build my own wagon which is inspired by some historical swiss trains which still drives today.

About the construction
The six stud wide train bases are to slim and eight studs too big to fit the proportions of the Crocodile Locomotive so I choose a fully new construction which is seven studs wide and consists of three layers with good stability. The wheels can rotate like in a normal train base.

About the build
To enter the wagon there are four doors which can be opened. The height of the build can fit a normal minifigure. The interior contains four comfortable seats with two tables and a bar with bottles, a clock and another chair. The build is basically a saloon wagon.

The measurements are approx. 315 x 65 x 95 mm and the part count is 1098. The model was designed with Bricklink Studio.

I hope you like the idea. Thank you for your support and comments!

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