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Triassic Planet


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This is my first project. I hope you like the idea.

This is the Triassic planet, a planet on the borders of the galaxy where live dinosaurs that evolved in a different way from those which populated our planet, Earth. The minifigs are looking for a new place to cultivate because the Earth is no longer suitable for agriculture. So, the Lego sends a team of astronauts-scientists to explore the galaxy. One day, the Gamma Team finds a world that could help them. This is completely green with huge lakes, plains, mountains and jungles and forests in particular. But our heroes meet the inhabitants of the planet: dinosaurs. They will learn to live with them and to ride them.

In this set, (I'm going to make others) there are two minifigures and two dinosaurs. One is a trained Allosaurus where sat Syd Glammer and the other is a Styracotops, a fusion between a Triceratops and a styracosaurus. Along with Syd there is Kim Seward.

Thank you for your support or comment, or both. 

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