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Lego Stories – Escape of the Ninja


Lego Stories

This set is not just a set idea, but it can be the beginning of a new series: the Lego Stories. These can be the most playable Lego sets with full of imaginative, storytelling or even interactive elements.

Escape of the Ninja
This story is set into a “real” historical ninja environment (so not into the Lego Ninjago world). Our hero is a black ninja who had been trapped and he placed into the samurai governor’s prison. He has to escape from there by choosing a way from a lot of options.
(But of course it’s just one of many. The sandbox is let the players find out their own stories.)

A lot of Playable Details
(check the comic style “flow charts” in the gallery)
  • put the ninja up to the ceiling in the prison (to eliminate the prison guard with a “hide and seek” trick)
  • “swim” trough the cave to find a way out
  • “swim” under the boat to eliminate samurai on it
  • find your the confiscated weapon in the cave warehouse
  • walkthrough the fort wall (most of these walls have been cut half to the players can reach these easy to play in it)
  • get in (or out) into the fort by using the dealer’s chariot as a hiding place
  • climb up on the hanging garden to reach the big tree and climb on it also to reach the floor window to get into the house without being detected by the guards
  • climb thought the rope of the main lantern of the courtyard to reach the fort wall
  • hide in the blacksmith’s barrel and steal his weapons
  • jump onto the horse in the corral to break through from the fort

Made by
Lego Digital Designer (final touch by Photoshop)

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