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Doctor Who - Classic Tardis Console Room

*Updated 3/17/14* I Removed the floor and the blue Tardis walls in the back. This decreased the amount of pieces from 500 to about 250. Also added another plate between each 1x4x1 arch on the walls.

This LEGO set proposal is based on the popular BBC series Doctor Who. This model is based on the 1970s Tardis console room featuring Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor. The reason I chose Tom Baker is because out of all the Doctors I believe the 4th Doctor is still the most iconic. When you see the long scarf and the brown hat you instantly think of the Doctor. Not only that but Tom Baker is also the longest running actor to play the role to date.

There are approximately 250 pieces used in this build. Placed in the center of the room is the console itself, while off to the side is a coat hanger for the Doctor to hang his hat and scarf.

The three other characters included in the project are K9, a grey Dalek, and Davros. Each are some the most recognizable characters in all of Doctor Who.

Please vote and share with other Doctor Who fans! I plan to keep updating this project so if you have any suggestions please tell me in the comments. :)

For more images of Lego Doctor Who check out my flicker page here!


- BentheCreator

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