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Medieval Wagon Home

I have always wanted to create an original medieval build, so I decided to build a medieval wagon home and it turned out so good, I decided to submit it as a product idea. It is a wagon home which is inhabited by two troubadours and a cat. My particular interest in this came from the Troubador Minifigure from the CMF series. The wagon has a nice little porch for them to sing songs on, and it is propelled by two horses that come with it as well. It features a mini kitchen on the side, with lots of tools as well as logs. The inside can be opened up so you can play inside. There are many details inside including two beds, sacks, vegetable crates, a bow and arrow, as well as a chest with coins. The entire model is 543 parts including characters and is around 30 bricks long which is about 9.5 inches.

The Lego community has shown a huge interest in medieval builds recently, so I figured I would try to make a medieval build. I hope you like this medieval wagon home.

I would appreciate it if you would support this build and share it with others so we can hit 10,000 supporters!

Thanks for the support!

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