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Desert Castle

The Desert Castle (o Sultan's Castle) is a project inspired by the entrance to the citadel of Aleppo. 
There Are two access doors, and by means of a staircase you can enter the fortress-palace. Archers and guards guard the access, while the Sultan is in the company of his daughter and the Vizier. 
A prince has gone to bring gifts knowing that a golden scimitar (in the dungeon) and a great treasure are kept in the fortress. There are palm trees and fountains, but also fearsome desert scorpions.
The charm of a thousand and one nights, a classic. 
(The camel is self-built because in the Lego Digital Designer program is not there; I specify that in the entrance turret there is deliberatey a hole from which the soldiers can defend the access door from above, it's not a contruction error).

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