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Bailey Electric Roadster-1915 Electric Commercial Coupe


Hi everyone, here is my latest Lego Ideas project based on one of the first ever electric cars, the Bailey Electric Roadster. This Lego model is based on the 1915 Electric Commercial Coupe Model. The Bailey Roadsters were one of the first electric cars. This LEGO model comes with two minifigures, and a dog. A lamp post also comes with this set. The roadster features old fashion wheels, a wind shield, a number plate, a steering wheel, head lights and a large seat for a minifigure to sit on. I have submitted this project before, however I wanted to submit it again.

Here are some pictures of the real 1915 Electric Commercial Coupe Model via this link:

I hope you all like and support this set because it would be great to get 10,000 supporters.

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