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Luxury Hot Rod

Introducing the newest in street-legal hotrods! Today's modern driver wants a luxury ride with all its trimmings mixed with all of the madness of street racing. The outcome is a beast that appears half-made in an oily garage and half-made at an upscale boutique automaker. 

- Large luxury grill to cool your engine
- High-beams for night racing
- V4 engine - too big for the hood!
- Adjustable hydraulic airbrake (safety first!)
- Open-wheel design for quick tire changes
- Side mirrors - Now we're up to code!
- 2 Gauges on the dashboard to hone your racecraft
- 2 Exhaust pipes for all the gnarly smoke
- Body is low to the ground for better aerodynamics
- Open cockpit to feel the G-force and get that wind in your face
- Single-seater - passengers are only ballast!
- Slick eggshell white paint job with obligatory red pinstripe

This machine is a speed monster and a pavement ripper! It's 100% brick-built and a good little challenge to put together, especially the engine and the airbrake assemblies. This is the perfect build for the intermediate to pro builder who wants to sharpen their skills. Just don't get a speeding ticket!

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