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The Old Bread Oven


Bread has been and is the staple food since ancient times. And what better way to pay homage than to represent a place where this food based mainly on flour and water was processed.

This 19th century building is a random recreation of a hydraulic mill with the functions of flour milling and a wood-fired bread oven. Surrounded by an orography with unevenness, it makes the river have its effect as a waterfall on the mill wheel. This shape of the ground helps to recreate a rocky wall and a small cave that can be crossed by one of the paths that lead to the watermill.

The gear system only works if the lever of the flume located in the flour milling room is raised, since this piece is in the low position, it blocks the gears and at the same time does not let the water pass.
If I had had a model like these in my school during my student days, I would have learned a lot about it. Like, for example, the bread processing, or how a mill works, its gears and its feeding system to be able to gain strength, the architecture of the time, and many other things.

Bread is maybe the first processed food that is part of the traditional diet in Europe, India, America, Middle East and Oceania, perhaps the staple of most cultures that often goes unnoticed, but not forgotten.

This model contains 2998 pieces that include a miller, a countryman, a countrywoman, a fisher woman and a dog. Thank you very much for your time and I hope you like it.


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