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Monsters, Inc. Boo's Door

This is a model of Boo's door from the classic Disney movie, Monsters, Inc. The build includes Boo's door, a Scream Canister and the Scare Floor platform for the door to rest on.

The build consists of about 800 LEGO elements and also includes a power functions battery box and lighting system. The lights illuminate the Scream Canister and a light above the door, which indicates that a monster is inside.

The creation of this model was extremely enjoyable to build and allowed me to try out different building techniques to replicate the door from the film. This model would fit perfectly in any LEGO, Disney or Monsters, Inc fan's home and as well as being a display piece, it is very enjoyable to build.

My main inspiration for this build was when I realized that LEGO has never released any Monsters, Inc. sets or minifigures. And as the monsters are quite difficult to replicate in LEGO, I thought that Boo's door would be the perfect thing to make.

Hopefully, my build interests you and I hope you can consider supporting it!

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