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Berlin Pre War S-Bahn Train

Welcome in Berlin of the late 1930's.

After your arrival at the famous Tempelhof Airport, you will board a train of the Berlin S-Bahn.

My model is a detailed recreation of the latest pre war train types, which were famous for their round shaped head and their exquisite interiour.

The smallest unit consists of a driving motor car and a non-driving trailer. At least two units were necessary to drive on tracks, while shunting in depot areas is possible with only one unit.

The driving motor car is divided into two compartements of Third class, which are fitted with benches made of ash and panelling made of teak. Both compartments are non-smoking.

The trailer car consists of a Third class smoking-compartment and a Second class non-smoking-compartment, which is fitted with upholstered benches and mahagony panelling.

All compartments are fittet with polished luggage racks.

These trains ran in service until 2003, but were refurbished several times during their long life.

The roofs of both cars are removable to give a free look into the detailed interiour. The four bogies are custom made to fit the quite long wheelbase of the original train. I also tried to create the under floor appliances in similar detailed manner. While the coupling between both cars is fixed, those at the end of the cars are fake and non functional.

As these trains were in service such a long time, it would be a great honour to see them as a LEGO set.

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