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Have you ever seen a butterfly in your, its flight and bright colors stand out from ohter insects. So I think that this animal would be incredible to see it hanging on a wall! Speaking in a literal sense, but without hurting the fauna, because the butterflies that you would have on your wall would not be real, becuase it would be made of Lego!

It´s perfect for young kids hungry to explore, also hunters, some lepidopterologist or just hobbyists. But especially for any fan of the lego brick. In addition, the different sizes in which the butterflies were designed are created in this way so that each one be unique… Referring the size, there are the dimensions:

-The smallest butterfly is 4.72 in (12cm) long and 2.75 in (7cm) wide.

-The medium butterfly is 5.9 in (15cm) long and 3.74 in (9.5cm) wide

-The largest butterfly is 6.88 in (15cm) long and 5.70 in (14.5 cm) wide.

Add, the Ideas Project model have 248 Lego bricks, 60 pzs by the smallest, 90 pzs by the medium, and 98 pzs by the biggest.

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