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Lego Store (shaped like Legos)

I would love to see Lego sell a Lego store for the town/city system. My idea is to have a Lego store that is shaped like 1x1 bricks stacked together: red, yellow, green, and blue on the bottom, with white and grey on the top. These would each be modular buildings, and would be topped like an actual 1x1 brick. Inside the windows you'd see various Lego products for sale (boxes of legos, nanofigs as "minifigs", a large "life-sized" astronaut, etc.). Inside the store you'd have a pick a brick wall and a ribbon of designs, and of course lots of Legos for sale.

Now, such a store doesn't exist in the real world, of course. But considering that Lego makes all kinds of very large Lego models for many of their stores (and Legoland), then why not create one in real life?

As you can see in the picture, rather than using large characters or animals (e.g., the mech, knight, animal, helicopter at the Mall of America store) I'm using the Lego people that I've had around since about 1974 as the super-models in this set. This is the Lego store MOC that I use in my Lego town.

Please consider voting for my project. Also, please take a look at my other project - The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince):


Here is a more full view of the Lego store - shopping on the first level, office space on the top.

The little "statue" in the lower left is the simple inspiration for the design of the store. Note the happy Lego salesperson.

Here are boxes of Legos and a display of Minifigures for sale.

More external advertising (" space since 1978").

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