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Lofi Girl Holiday Snow Globe

I decided to submit my design from the "Escape with Lofi Girl" Challenge as a product idea. The challenge called for us to create settings where we could escape to and relax while building and listening to music.

My greatest escape with Lo-Fi Hip Hop comes around the holidays. I feel very relaxed sitting next to a cozy fireplace, under a warm blanket, with Lo-Fi music playing in the background. The idea for the snow globe came from a drawing I made a while back for #lofigirlchristmas. You can see this drawing displayed right above the fireplace.

I created a charming loft apartment inside the snow globe and decorated it with holiday joy and Lofi Girl references! The upper level is based on the iconic desk scene. Lofi Girl is dressed in holiday pajamas and sits at her desk while her orange cat lays across the bed. A snowy city can be seen through the window. The desk is filled with books, a lamp, and a laptop. Other objects are scattered around the room including a bed, guitar, Poinsettia flowers, and a Lofi Girl record on the wall.

The lower level contains a traditional Christmas scene complete with presents, mistletoe, stockings over a fireplace, a Christmas tree, and a toy train (likely made of LEGO). The tree and train rotate together using a crank. The loft's pillars are garnished to resemble candy canes. Snowflakes decorate the ceiling above where a teddy bear rests on a purple sofa. A plate of milk and cookies await a certain jolly fellow to make his way down the chimney.

There are a couple more images below. I hope you enjoy!

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