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Railroad Museum Project (The Return)


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What inspired this come-back:
This is the largest project I've ever uploaded to LEGO Ideas! When I first uploaded it, I was pretty confident that it would receive a lot of support. After all, people really like the LEGO modular buildings because of their massive sizes, realistic detail, and functionality. Alas, the original project built by cheeseinthepie only received 76 supporters. At the time I uploaded it, I was unable to show all of the images and inner-workings of the building. There were also other things that I could've done, but didn't, to make this project stand out. Well, here it is! The re-uploading!

Project description:
The Railroad Museum Project is a whopping 2,521 pieces. Like the older LEGO modular buildings, this building has two stories. The first floor already showcases quite a bit of railroad memorabilia. To start with, there are two railroad crossing signals: A grade signal, and a wig-wag. There is also a railroad crossing sign that hangs on the wall. A table with three signalman lanterns on them, as well as a bench for visitors to sit on. The main attraction, a 0-4-0 steam locomotive, sits in the middle of the museum lobby. Finally, there are two model trains in the front display windows.
Moving on to the second floor, which is lead up to by a staircase, even more memorabilia can be seen. A station clock-tower and a railroad traffic signal stand side-by-side across from the model train layout. Above the layout is another railroad sign. Another bench sits next to the railings for the stairs, which is right across from a station cart.
The roof hasn't much to offer, accept for a sign that says "TRAIN" on it. Finally, there are a total of 11 minifigures in this project.

Just a quick note:
I'll be gone for nine days. This happens every month. But, do not worry! I will be back. :-)

Thank you so much for viewing this project, everyone! Please tell me in the comments about your thoughts on this project. Hopefully, I will be able to upload more projects soon, as well as some updated projects from the past. Have a great day, everyone, and take care! Project built by Joseph cheeseinthepie. Re-submitted on 9/15/2019.

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