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Family Life


Family Life Big Picture

Just would like to share the story with you including the last rendering which got produced, which was not included in the post of my project. Enjoy!

Before having kids

The future mom to be is currently a food blogger who likes to take photos of the foods she likes. Her favorite food is a croissant and her favorite drink is a green smoothie and she likes to enjoy it every morning on her couch having a breakfast. She likes art & interior design, as you can see from her nicely decorated apartment. She is also very neat and organized with her belongings. Her working desk with a laptop is always well arranged and she is liking to sort her photos enjoying a cup of tea, looking out of the window at the flowers she planted outside. Her cat is always by her side once she is at home.


The future dad to be likes to spent his free time watching action movies time to relax in the evening. He likes to collect some fan toys from his favorite movies and he also likes to display those around his apartment.

The future dad, before he met the future mom to be, used to live with his dog and they like to have their dinner together on the couch sharing a pizza.

He is quiet a minimalist in his decoration of the apartment, but he really takes his time to take care of his hairstyle and grooming. He likes to wear his helmet driving his red convertible car dreaming to be racing car driver. He is very proud of his racing helmet and also likes to display it on his fridge, right where he can see it everyday.



After having kids

The mom and dad are now parents and are living together with their 3 children: twins: girl and boy and the baby. Mom has changed her hairstyle to more practical ponytail and dad is not always having time for his grooming ether and his hair grow obviously longer.

The flat is not always as neat as mom used to have it and even some ice cream may land once in a while on the carpet, but mom has no problem with it, as she is prepared to clean up.

The girl is loving ice cream as her mom.

The boy is liking to play with collectables of his father and especially with the racing helmet.

The baby is good friend with dog and cat as he is sharing a lot of food with them letting it fall on the floor.

The dad exchanged his car against the red stroller, and more often on the road with it taking the baby for a walk. The mom continues to take a lot of photos, but mostly of her kids.

The family likes to meet at the dinner table to have pizzas,

Following evening with TV which is more child appropriate from now on, but dad is as much loving watching it as his action movies before.

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